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We Are Parking Garage Cleaning Specialists

Parking garage cleaning

Vanishing Pressure Wash LLC parking garage cleaning services provide a safe, clean atmosphere for visitors to your property in Western NY. Our full-service parking garage cleaning, parking lot sweeping, and pressure washing services are designed to keep your parking garage areas as clean as possible at all times to give your company a clean professional appearance.

Have you ever thought about what part of your business property makes the first impression on visitors and potential clients? Usually, the first in-person impression is something overlooked by commercial owners and property managers: the parking lot.

As a property owner, it is essential to maintain a clean parking lot and garage to ensure the safety of all guests, while also making a positive impression.

Our parking lot and parking garage cleaning services remove layers of dirt, oil, grime, and gum. The result is a safe and clean environment that customers and guests will want to visit again and again.

We offer an extensive selection of both residential and commercial pressure washing services, from house washing to building washing. For your next parking garage cleaning service in Western NY, look no further than Vanishing Pressure Wash LLC.

How Often Should Parking Garages Be Cleaned?

As the country moves toward "greener" technologies, parking garage owners are focusing on keeping their parking areas cleaner to meet the current expectations of their clients. The recommended parking garage cleaning cycle depends on the age and usage of the parking structure. We recommend that the average parking structure should be cleaned every six months to a year.

A documented parking garage cleaning maintenance plan can help prevent any potential lawsuits for lack of maintenance issues as a result of slippage. It can also help prevent fines from the EPA if they find runoff from the oil and heavy metals in the storm drains or around your parking garages and parking lots.

For an Western NY pressure washing service that goes above and beyond, call Vanishing Pressure Wash LLC for a free consultation and estimate.

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